« Off Road » is a multidisciplinary performing arts company

that was founded in Brussels 2010.

The company works with multidisciplinary performances where they blend: circus technique, dance, plastic arts and live music, They explore the artists personal and physical expression on stage, and they tend to create performances, where the story unfolds between the real and the unreal. The company collaborates with other artists and companies creating innovative projects in the crossover art field.


Mille Engberg Lundt (Denmark) is the artistic director of the company Off Road.

Mille is a physical performer, contortionist and a choreographer. She has been developing her own, very particular, artistic universe; a universe that is at once minimalist, expressive and innovative since 2006. She seeks to develop new movements in relation to the environment she works in and she tends to create realistic situations and twist them with her extreme physical language into the unreal.

In 2005, Mille was part of the big celebration of Hans Christian Andersen, in the play "Peberodssuppe med fyldt kaalhoved" that took place at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, directed by Lars Rudolfsson. 


Mille created the circus company “Royal Bones” together with 9 other Nordic artists and musicians in 2006, they created two performances; “Fusk” at Orion Theater in Stockholm (that played at Trâfo in Budapest, at the Düsseldorf festival and at Kronborg castle at the Hamlet festival in Denmark). and “CirkusKoncert” their second performance at the Music Theatre in Copenhagen directed by Niels p. Munk.

Mille entered the dance scene collaborating with the French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane between 2009-2017, here she toured worldwide with the two performances "The Ordinary Witnesses" and "Sfumato". (Avignon IN, Lyon Biennale, Théâtre de la Ville in France, Kaai Theater in Bruxelles and Live Arts in New York to mention a few).

In 2010 she created her first solo piece “Somewhere Nowhere” directed by Cille Lansade. The performance was selected by Juggling The Arts, presented at Cirko in Helsinki and finally premiered at the Danish festival K.I.T. at the National Dance Stage in Copenhagen.

In 2010, Mille co-founded together with Luis Javier Cordoba the company “Off Road”. Together they created two performances “Collisions” for the street in 2010 that toured in Belgium and in Mexico, “The Intruder” in 2016 that premiered at Festival UP and afterwards toured in Belgium.


In 2018 Mille took over the artistic direction and created “Hikikomori” co-produced and performed at Hablingbo Variety, situated on the Swedish island Gotland. In 2019 she created the art and sound performance "OriVolution" in collaboration with Suzanne Groothuis and Johan Segerberg. Mille creates the site-specific performance "Structures" in spring 2019.


Mille has furthermore collaborated with;

Cie For Want of a Better (FR), Cie Anomalie & Co (FR) WeAreOskar (BE) Adel Absdessemed (FR), Adrien Lecouturier (FR), Gaëlle Bisellach-Roig (FR) Pierre Yves De Jonge (BE)

Teatro Glimt (DK), Rudi Skotheim Jensen (NO) Nova Exit (DK), !/2 Pingvin Med Pomfritter (DK) Helene Høm (DK) and Yksi Kaksi (DK).


Mille is trained at the Theatre schools; Teaterbutikken, Byhøjskolen and Batida 1995-1998 

The circus school AFUK in Copenhagen 1998-1999

The National Circus School of Moscow 2000-2003

and at l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels 2003-2006