Suzanne Groothuis - Mille Lundt - Johan Segerberg

"OriVolution" is for all public and combines the world of a visual artist, a physical artist and a musician in a contemporary and interdisciplinary show for urban space and atypical space.


In OriVolution we want to play with the perspective and the general understanding of space. With the use of an installation and a contortion artist, we want to distort a common and functional concept into something that can become more delicate, absurd or unreal. The sound landscape in this performance will reinforce and frame the visual throughout the performance as it will exist in moments as a singular expression.


By combining physical performance with the installation and sound, we explore how these three entities work together and we will create new situations and new ways of thinking about space and time. The question of how these three elements can be folded together, or even take over each other's positions, is a strong reference throughout our collaboration.


“OriVolution” is about movement and adaptation to movement. It is about a time of revolution in an environment of ongoing evolution. 

Concept: Suzanne Groothuis and Mille Lundt

Installation: Suzanne Groothuis

Composer and musician: Johan Segerberg

Choreographer: Mille Lundt

Dramaturgical advise: Keyna Nara

On stage: Suzanne Groothuis, Johan Segerberg and MIlle Lundt


Production: Cie Off Road 




Dommelhof, MiraMiro,

Festival ChassePierre,

Ancien Carmel,

Latitude 50, Kulturkaffee, CCBW,

Cité Culture and Sydhavn Teater.

Presented at:

Festival Le Lêu, BE

Festival Chassepierre, BE

BAMP; LookInOut, BE 

Latitude 50, BE 

Metropolis: Body&Architecture, DK 

Sydhavn Teater; Karens Minde, DK 

One Straw - Johan Segerberg
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Urcell - Johan Segerberg
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