A multidisciplinary performing arts company

Creation 2019

Performance, installation & music.


Available for touring outdoor and indoor in atypical spaces.

By and with:

Suzanne Groothuis, Mille Lundt and Johan Segerberg.

Image: Adrien Lecouturier


Creation 2020

Premiere at the Festival Les Boréales, France.

Performance, text, dance & music.


By and with:

Mille Lundt, Annie Hannauer, Deborah Lennie and Patrice Grente.

More info: cie for want of a better

Image: "WeareOskar"


Creation 2019

A site-specific performance.

Contortion movement and music.


The concept is developed and performed by Mille Lundt, for each performance, she invites a sound artist to collaborate with her.

Available for touring outdoor and indoor in atypical spaces.

Image: Adrien Lecouturier


Creation 2022

Performance, documentary & music.

This performance is a free inspirational approach based on the work of Pepa Hristova on the sworn virgins in Northern Albania, the last men-women of Europe.


By and with:

Delphine Lanson, Deborah Lennie and Mille Lundt.